Middle English, from Old French devis, division, wish, and Old French devise, design, both from Latin divisus, divisa, past participle of dividere, to divide, separate ;

  • see divide

■まとめ: 装置は区別なり。


divido -videre -visi -visum

  • (1) [to divide up , separate into parts]; esp. [to divide among persons, distribute, allot]; polit., 'sententiam', [to divide a resolution into parts so that each part can be voted on]; in music, [to accompany].
  • (2) [to separate from one another, to distinguish; to set off, adorn]. Hence partic. divisus -a -um, [separate].



  • 手元存在: 
    あるいは 道具は如何にして道具になるか